How To Talk Like A Boss!

business-buzzwords-hero-1024x690How To Talk Like A Boss: 20 Trending Business Buzzwords, Decoded


Sometimes the conference room can feel like a foreign country with all of the tricky terminology being thrown around. Confession: We’ve all done a secret Internet search mid-meeting when someone mentions deliverables (who’s expecting a package?) or low-hanging fruit (thanks, but we’ve already had breakfast).

Get in the know by studying up on these 20 trending business buzzwords – trust us, your boss will be impressed. Bonus: We’re pretty sure this graphic is cute enough to become your new desk decoration.



Beauty for a Purpose’s Business Buzzwords Dictionary

bandwidth: the energy, time or general mental capacity to deal with a situation

blue sky: the thinking that anything is possible – reach for the sky!

circle back: to re-visit a subject at a later date

deep dive: a more thorough analysis of a given situation

deliverable: a completed task, outcome, product or result

digestible: easy to understand, nice to look at

disruption: an innovation that really shakes things up

ducks in a row: organization (a place for everything, and everything in its place)

evergreen: an idea or story that will stay relevant over time

hard stop: the time when a meeting must end (because you’ve got important things to do!)

lean in: stepping up, pushing forward, and all other terms for being more assertive at work (and yes, you can sit at the table)

learnings: that which has been learned

low-hanging fruit: a person or thing that can be reached or attained with minimal effort

optimization: the process of making something bigger, better, faster, stronger

percolate: to spread an idea

synergy: cooperative interaction between all parties involved — kumbaya!

thought leader: an expert with major credibility in his or her field

unicorn: the holy grail of the business world — passing the billion-dollar value mark

unpack: to examine an idea or concept, piece by piece

UX (user experience): the feeling surrounding one’s engagement with a particular product or service

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