Ways to Grow Your Avon Business

Ways to Grow Your Avon Business

First of all, order brochures each and every campaign.  These are your “store”.  Be sure you place a label or stamp on the brochure with your name, phone number and web address on the brochure.


Add your eStore address and that you are an Avon Independent Sales Rep in your email signature.

The Power of Three; Offer 3 people every day an Avon brochure. This could be a sales clerk, someone in line behind or in front of you, someone you pass after parking your car, anyone you come in contact with.  Carry brochures with you always. Ask these people for their contact info so you can follow up with them.

FOLLOW UP!  Always follow up with people you hand your brochure to.  Always follow up with current customers each campaign.  I contact my current customers a few days before my order is due to alert them when my order goes in and to check if they need to order anything.

Leave a brochure or business card EVERYWHERE you go!  The doctor’s office, dentist office, restaurant, gas station, ATM, bank, grocery store, gym.  You get the picture! Here is another post with ideas of where to leave brochures. http://shirlsglitznglam.com/2016/01/17/what-do-i-do-with-my-avon-brochures/

Get an Avon vinyl decal on the back window of your car. Free advertising everywhere you go. I bought mine from https://www.facebook.com/AvonSignsAndDecals/.  I love it! I have had people follow me to ask me for a brochure.


Place a hook on your back window or side window of your car and hang brochures in the clear literature bags on the hook so that people can grab one when passing your car.  I have a 3M hook on my back window and everywhere I go I hang at least 5 brochure packs on it.  Someone always grabs one and I get orders this way.


Post a sign or brochure holder in your front yard.  My husband made me one and it works!  I live by a school so I have great car and foot traffic in front of my house.


Ask your local businesses if you can leave brochures/business cards at their establishment.  I have a Mexican restaurant that has a bookcase when you walk in and they allow me to leave two stacks of brochures on it.  So many people take them that I have to restock every few days.  I get new customers all the time saying they found my brochure there.

Tailgate in a parking lot such as the dollar store, Walmart, your local park, at a parade.


“Toss” older brochures.  Never throw old brochures away.  Place them in the clear plastic literature bags and toss them in driveways, hang on doors or leave at businesses.

Put together sample packs.  Use the smaller snack size baggies.  Put a business card and a few samples in each bag and hand them out to people you come in contact with.  Be sure to get their contact info so you can follow up with them.

Join social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Google+ etc. Advertise your Avon business there.

Start a blog geared around your Avon business to expand your social media presence.

Create a Facebook page for your Avon business and post ads there such as free shipping offers, sales, new products. Be sure to invite all of your Facebook friends to “like” your page.

Join Facebook selling groups in your area and post your eStore address and info on a regular basis including any specials or sales going on.

Use the Social Media Center on YourAvon.com to post to your social media sites.  These posts will direct customers directly to your eStore.

Join Avon related Facebook groups to learn more about selling Avon.  Some suggestions are “Onward No Matter What”, “Makeup Marketing Online”, “Avon Flyers by Alicia”, “Monday Morning Madness”, “Tuesdays with Theresa”, “Success with Scola” and “Believe and Achieve”.

Set up booths at vendor events in your area, especially during holidays.  You don’t need to have a large amount of product.  Have brochures, business cards, samples, an order book.  Less expensive products to have on hand to sell would be hand creams, shower gels, lip balms, Foot Works, Bubble Bath.  Purchase items when on sale for this purpose.


Wear an Avon button or t-shirt to start a conversation. Again, be sure to always carry Avon brochures with you everywhere you go.

Host Avon parties for friends or family.

There are so many ways to grow your business.  These are just a few of the things that work for me. You don’t have to do all of them at once and not everything works for all reps.  You need to find what works for you and always try new things.  If something isn’t working, try something else.

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