Achieve Avon President’s Club

Achieve Avon President’s Club

Achieve Avon President's Club

Why Achieve Avon President’s Club?

As an Avon Representative, one of the best things that you can do for you business is to Achieve Avon President’s Club each and every year. The rewards and benefits are worth it.

Achieve Avon President's Club

I joined fairly late in the sales cycle my first year so I didn’t achieve this status. I did however make it the next two years.

To Achieve Avon President’s Club you will need to reach award sales of $10,000 by the end of the sales cycle (Campaign 26) for the current year. If you break it down into individual campaigns, you would need award sales of $385 per campaign. This is very doable. Once achieved, you will keep your status for the remainder of the current sales cycle and all of the following sales cycle.

Some ways to achieve higher sales;

Achieve Avon President's Club

  • Fundraising
  • Increasing Customer Base
  • Distributing Brochures
  • Always Following Up with your Customers
  • Tossing Old Brochures
  • Focusing on Products with Double & Triple Award Sales
  • Vendor Events
  • Wearing and Using the Products Yourself
  • Sharing Samples with People you Interact with
  • Promoting Your eStore
  • Asking your Customers for Referrals.
  • Ordering More Brochures
  • Always Having Brochures with You
  • Promoting Special Offers
  • Turning Your Automated emails on at

What are the Benefits when you Achieve Avon President’s Club?

Achieve Avon President's Club

  • 40% earnings guaranteed and 25% on fixed-earnings items
  • Order up to 3 demos of any product in each What’s New
  • Invitation to the President’s Recognition Program (PRP) Recognition Event
  • Celebrate your birthday and holidays with the gift of 25 points*
  • Toll-free number for account services
  • Advance Brochure Program—receive a brochure 2 campaigns early for a small fee**
  • Exclusive Gift presented at the PRP Recognition Event for highest level of achievement
  • Achievement pin presented at the PRP Recognition Event for highest level of achievement
  • 400 points to redeem for the Mrs. Albee Award or to use toward other items available on
    Rewards Headquarters—the choice is yours!

* Birthday points will be awarded in the first campaign of the month of your birthday. December Holidays points will be awarded in C-25.
**Look for an Invoice message upon achieving President’s Club. Trendsetter Representatives cannot participate.

You will be invited to the PC Gala Luncheon for your District/Division as well! The following awards will be presented at the 2016 Recognition Events

Achieve Avon President's Club

Sales Volume
Top 5 Representatives in each District and Division will be awarded statuettes:
Gold for #1 in Sales Volume, Silver for #2, Bronze for #3–5
Sales Increase
Top 5 Representatives in each District and Division will be awarded statuettes:
Gold for #1 in Sales Increase, Silver for #2, Bronze for #3–5
The Spirit of Avon
Presented to the President’s Recognition Program member in each District who serves
as a role model in the District and the community, and best represents the spirit of Avon
and the values and principles we embrace.
Best New Performer
Gold statuette presented in each District to the Representative, appointed in 2016,
who achieves President’s Club or higher with the highest Award Sales.
Silver statuettes will be presented to all other Representatives appointed in 2016
who reach President’s Club or higher that year.
Sales Level Advancement President’s Club & Above
All President’s Club members or above who reach a higher Sales Achievement Level
in 2016 than ever before will be awarded a certificate of recognition.
Direct Delivery Sales
Top Representative in each District and Division with the highest percentage of
Direct Delivery sales to Award Sales will be awarded a certificate of recognition.

View Your Progress

Achieve Avon President's Club

To find out where you stand, log into and go to “Rewards & Recognition”. On the left hand side select “Tools” and then “Goal Card”.

This goal card will allow you to see your total Award Sales for the cycle and the progress that you are making towards President’s Club or the other sales achievement levels.

Your Award Sales in each Campaign will be added to your personal goal card and you will be able to see your average Campaign Sales as well as the Award Sales needed each Campaign in order to reach your sales level goal.

Speak with your District Manager or your Sales Team Leader today to find out what you can do to Achieve Avon President’s Club before the 2016 Sales Cycle ends.

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About Avon Representative Shirl Papaian

Avon's President's Club

Shirl Papaian has been an Avon Representative since September 2014. She sells at the President’s Club Level (over $10,000 annually) and is a Gold Ambassador with almost 50 team members nationwide.

In 2016, Shirl was awarded on stage at the Annual PC Gala Luncheon for the highest online sales in her district, for earning President’s Club Level and other various incentives.

In 2016, Shirl has advanced from Ambassador to Silver Ambassador and to Gold Ambassador through her consistent efforts to grow and mentor her team of Avon Representatives.

Shirl is on track to earn Honor Society Level status by the end of the year with sales of over $20,000.

Together, Shirl and her team’s sales are more than $45,000. Her Team’s sales growth is at 342%. She is #1 in her District for Sales Team Growth and #4 in sales. She is #6 in sales growth in her division.

So far in 2016 Shirl has earned almost $2,000 in Avon bonuses in the “Journey to Gold Incentive” and has earned herself a Champion Blender by being #59 out of 400 Avon Ambassadors in the “Ignite Your Avon Torch” incentive. She also won all three awards in the “One Team, One Dream” incentive.

To join my Avon Team Shine, visit and use reference code SPAPAIAN.