Avon Haiku Perfume Spray

Avon Haiku Perfume Spray $23

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Avon Haiku Perfume Spray

AVON HAIKU EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY. A simple statement of sheer poetry.

The Avon Haiku Eau de Parfum Spray is a scent as timeless as your beauty. A quick spray of this floral perfume and you’re transported to a beautiful Japanese garden in full bloom. Fresh fragrance perfect for daily use. 1.7 fl oz.

• Easy to apply fragrance
• Long lasting, lasts all day
• Ideal for daily application
• Non-overpowering perfume calms with its clean and fresh scent

• Spray onto neck and pulse points as often as desired

• Top Notes: Japanese Yuzu, Chinese Pomegranate, Green Fressia, Morning Dewdrops, Summer Pear
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Prunella, Kumquat, Fig, Muguet, Chinese Peony, Green Tuberose
Base Notes: Exotic Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Evening Musks, Vetiver, Vanilla



  • Subtle and warm. This product is delightful; and, quite frankly it wasn’t til I spritzed it on one day and realized that the bottle was EMPTY that I realized how much I love it and simply took it for granted. I will buy this again, and again!
  • Strangers ask me what I am wearing! People that know me will walk into a room and before they see me will call my name. Strangers male & female, always ask me what I am wearing. This is my signature fragrance which I have worn exclusively for over 10 years. Love it, love it. I always buy several at a time, I never want to run out.
  • YES I would buy this again. I use this on me, my clothes, my bed, where ever, it really is a smooth smelling perfume.
  • Smells Great!. This is a wonderful product, it has become my signature scent. I have been wearing this perfume for over 10 years and I still love the scent as much as I did when I first smelled it! I have yet to find something I like better.
  • I love the delicate smell, very relaxing and smooth. I love how this relaxes, and energizes, any mood that I seem to be in.
  • Favorite Scent. Haiku is my favorite scent and keeps me coming back to purchase every single time! I’m constantly complimented on the beautiful scent and people are surprised when I tell them it’s Avon – absolutely love it!
  • Haiku love it. I wear haiku everyday and get a compliment almost daily. Of course I tell them where I get it. I’ve never had a fragrance that got so much attention.