Avon Campaign 17 Team Shine Recognition

Avon Team Shine Campaign 12 RecognitionAvon Campaign 17 Team Shine Recognition

Congrats to an Unbelievable Campaign 17! Our total unit sales this campaign were $5048 and our YTD is $45,010

Team Shine ROCKS! You all are on your way to the top!

Team Shine is growing! Let’s Welcome New Team Members: Morgana Matthews, Marilyn Hodges, Catherine Reese, Marva X & Carlethia Murray!

Upcoming August Birthdays: Melissa Courtright 9/1, Rhonda Boyer 9/3 and Nancy Ledgerwood 9/4! Happy Birthday to you all!

Now let’s get on to the Avon Team Shine Campaign 17 Recognition

  • Our #1 in Sales this campaign goes to Ronda Certic.  Ronda had sales of $740!!! Amazing!!

Congrats to team members who had orders in Campaign 16 (in no particular order)

Ronda Certic, Ashley Abbott, Becky Maske, Rhonda Boyer, Liza Arias, Rashelle Trammell, Jasmine Haire, Melissa Courtright, Tiffany Quick, Sandra Krzeminski, Jemma Redman, Donna West, Leticia Duran, Nancy Ledgerwood, Alycia Heise, Lisa McIntosh, Nicole Ronek, Dana Stdham, Dawn Martin, Brandi Adams, Gina Ballard, Michael Gravely, Denise Willis, Pam Taylor, Jenn McClanahan, Karrie Hootman, Sharnay Dilworth & Marjorie Dudley

Team Members who had Direct Delivery Orders in Campaign 15

Liza Arias, Marjorie Dudley & Denise Willis!

Congrats to Team Members who placed a $100+ order! 

Ronda Certic               $740
Marjorie Dudley        $366
Sharnay Dilworth     $317
Rhona Boyer               $294
Jemma Redman        $281
Lisa McIntosh            $248
Karrie Hootman       $243
Jenn McClanahan     $225
Becky Maske               $198
Ashley Abbott             $193
Pam Taylor                  $180
Liza Arias                     $176
Rashelle Trammell   $152
Denise Willis              $149
Melissa Courtright   $125
Micahel Gravely        $122
Gina Ballard               $102

Make sure you are placing orders of at least $100 campaigns 1-4, $200 campaigns 5-8 and $300 campaigns 9-12 and pay for your order on time to qualify for the 40% Rep Discount!


  • Be sure that you are ordering brochures every campaign, they are your store!
  • If you are on facebook, please let me know so that I can add you to all of our team pages.  There is a wealth of knowledge there to help you grow your business! Join Avon Team Shine on Facebook.
  • Leadership is where the money is! It is never too early to start a team of your own, let me know if you are interested in leadership so we can get your started!
  • Be sure to turn on the automated email program.  Go to “web office”, “eStore” and then “personalization tool”.  Check the boxes for “campaign” and “promotional” emails. Your customers will automatically receive great offers from Avon
  • Add your friends and family to your address book.
  • Create a Facebook Page for your business.
  • Follow my Blog for Helpful info & tips. http://shirlsglitznglam.com/
  • Join Avon Team Momentum’s Facebook Page
  • Join Team Triumph Reps On Fire’s Facebook Page
  • Join Makeup Marketing Online’s Facebook Page
  • Join Onward No Matter What’s Facebook Page
  • You will need your Facebook profile to state that you are an Avon Rep in order to join these groups.

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