Tips for Blog Posts

Tips for Blog Posts

Tips for Blog Posts

How do I get my blog post to rank higher on Google and other search engines? One of the most common questions about blogging. Here are some important tips for blog posts that I have learned in my time blogging. I either learned them from Emily Seagren’s training at or just by trial and error and doing. All of this info is for those using WordPress as that is the platform I use and have only used.

Tips for Blog Posts

  1. I recommend self hosting your blog in place of using the free blogs out there. Why? Because with the free site you are extremely limited on plugins which extremely limit what you can do with your blog. You can still use, for instance, WordPress for your blog but find another place to host it.  I use BlueHost. It cost me $72 a year and I used WPBeginner to transfer it from the free site to BlueHost at no charge to me. They handled everything.
  2. Along with switching to a host site you will need to choose and purchase a domain for your blog. Remember that you can’t use Avon in the domain so just be creative and choose something short and sweet! Make up a unique tag line as well.
  3. Choose a theme and customize it. You can add your page title, tagline, colors, header image, menus and widgets.
  4. Add some pages. These are different from “Posts“. Pages are added to your menu and remain constant. You may want to add an “About” page or maybe a page for Avon Coupon Codes.  These pages can be edited any time as needed.
  5. Once your blog is set up it’s time to add some useful plugins. There are SO many out there to choose from. WPBeginner will add what they recommend when they set it up for you but you may want to add some more. You will just have to do the research and decide what you think will be useful to you. Here are some of my favorites;
  • Yoast SEO– What I think is the number 1 plugin you need!  It tells you exactly what you need to do to optimize your post for the search engines.
  • Akismet– Protects your site from Spam comments
  • Contextual Related Posts– Adds related posts at the bottom of your post.  Love this!
  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-poster- Automatically posts to your social network platforms.
  • Official StatCounter Plugin– Adds StatCounter to your blog dashboard.
  • WP Copy Protect– Protects your blog from others right clicking and copying.

You are ready to start blogging! What now? Here are my Tips for Blog Posts.

  1. The first thing I suggest is start looking at other blogs that share a common interest. This may help you get some ideas of what to blog about. Again, just ideas; whatever you do, don’t copy anyone else’s work. What interests you? What do you think will interest your readers? Make a list and then choose your first topic. It’s time to create your first blog post!
  2. Pick your title! It should be short and to the point. You will want this title to be your “Focus Keyword(s)” as well. You will want to use your focus keyword(s) throughout your post, but not too many times.
  3. Always copy your title and use it first as a “Header 1” and throughout the post add sub headers (header 1, 2 etc.). To do this you highlight the phrase and use the drop down menu that says “Paragraph“.
  4. You want to be sure and use your focus keyword(s) in the first paragraph.
  5. Be sure to Bold and Italicize not just your focus keyword(s) but all important words and phrases. For instance the word “Avon” should always be in bold and italicized. You do this by highlighting the words and clicking the “B” and the “I“.
  6. Find ways to link words and phrases to your eStore (like I just did with the word eStore)
  7. If you added the Yoast SEO plugin, the info will be on the bottom of the page you are creating. I usually wait until I am finished with my post to check it for things I need to do to optimize my post. As you can see in the photo, it is telling me;
  • No images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.
  • The keyword density is 0.4%, which is a bit low; the focus keyword was found 2 times.
  • No links appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.
  • The focus keyword does not appear in the URL for this page.

Tips for Blog Posts



To upload photos, click on “Add Media“, “Upload Files” and then “Select Files“.  Once you add a photo you will need to edit it. You do this by clicking on it. This menu will pop up;

Tips for Blog Posts

  • Click on the Pencil Icon which will take you to a form where you can edit the photo.
  • Type your focus keyword(s) where it says “Alternative Text“.
  • Choose alignment and size.
  • Drop down the “Link To” menu and select “Custom URL“.  This is where you will add a link to your website. Remember, you can now just copy the link to a product page, it is no longer a generic link that will go to a generic Avon site.  It will now have your info in the URL. This is the best news I have heard all year!
  • Be sure to check “Open link in a new tab“. You do not want to take them away from your blog.  This will open a new window.

You have now completed editing your photo.  Be sure to do this with ALL photos.

Meta Description

You want to add a meta description. This is what will show in the search engines. You do this by clicking “Edit Snippet” below. You also want to be sure to include your focus keyword(s) in the meta description.


Next, you want to select a category or two for the post to be included in. You will do this on the right by adding categories as you post more. For example, if you are posting about “Avon Luck Perfume Online Special” You may choose categories like Avon Fragrance, Shop Avon Online and Avon Online Specials. Be sure the category is relevant.

Meta Tags

Now select meta tags for your post.  You can do this in the tag section on the right. You can add as many as you want but again, they must be relevant. For the above sample I would add tags such as; Avon, Avon Fragrance, Shop Avon Online, Buy Avon Fragrance Online, Avon Luck Perfume, Buy Avon Luck Perfume…you get the idea.

Featured Image

Now you can add a “Featured Image“. This is at the bottom right. Choose one of the photos from your post that best represents what your post is about. Click “Set Featured Image” and add the photo. It should already have the Alt Tag in it but click the photo after it is added to check.  Do NOT link it to your website. You want it to link to your blog post this time.

Repetitive Post Info

One last thing, put together some text that you can add to the bottom of all of your posts. This will be info on how to join Avon, how to order Avon, links to follow you on social media, contact info etc. Save it in a word document so that you can retrieve it at any time, copy and paste it at the end of your posts. For some ideas, you can look at mine.

I hope these Tips for Blog Posts have been helpful.  I still have lots to learn. The best way to learn is just do it! I will add more as I learn more and if I have left anything out. If you have any specific questions, please let me know.  You can email me at

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About Avon Representative Shirl Papaian

Tips for Blog Posts

Shirl Papaian has been an Avon Representative since September 2014. She sells at the Honor Society Level (over $20,000 annually) and is a Gold Ambassador with almost 200 team members nationwide.

Tips for Blog PostsIn 2016, Shirl was awarded on stage at the Annual PC Gala Luncheon for the highest online sales in her district, for earning President’s Club Level and other various incentives. She advanced from Ambassador to Silver Ambassador and to Gold Ambassador through her consistent efforts to grow and mentor her team of Avon Representatives. She also became a DSWA Certified ELITE Leader.

Shirl’s stats for 2016 are as follows; Shirl and her team’s sales were more than $92,000. Her Team’s sales growth was 365%.  She was #1 in her District for Sales Team Growth and #4 in sales.

In 2016 Shirl earned almost $2,000 in Avon bonuses in the “Journey to Gold Incentive” and earned herself a Champion Blender by being #59 out of 400 Avon Ambassadors in the “Ignite Your Avon Torch” incentive. She also won all three awards in the “One Team, One Dream” incentive.

My Avon Story

I decided to become and Avon Representative in 2014.  My daughter had signed up and my sister-in-law had as well. My sister-in-law joined for the discount on her own purchases and my daughter gave it up after a while, she found she didn’t have the time she wanted to devote to it with two toddlers.

I had always thought about becoming an Avon Rep, but it was always just a thought. I remember my mom buying Avon when I was very young and was always mesmerized at all the products and how the Avon lady always looked so beautiful and polished.

My daughter’s upline who is a mutual friend, Leslie Reid, was always sharing deals and the opportunity on Facebook. One day she posted about joining her team and becoming an Avon Rep; I just decided right then and there to do it.

For the remainder of that first year I concentrated on learning as much as I could about the business; learning most everything on my own. Then in 2015 I devoted every extra dollar and minute I had to my Avon Business. I grew my customer base slowly but surely and over time my customer base and sales consistently increased. I even started my leadership journey at the encouragement of Emily Seagren who was Leslie’s upline.

I studied and learned everything I could from Emily and through hers and Leslie’s mentorship I am where I am today. My goal in Leadership is to earn the title of “Leader” and in sales “Honor Society” again in 2017. My long term goal is to retire and Avon continue to be my major source of income.

To join my Avon Team Shine, visit and use reference code SPAPAIAN.